Custom eLearning


We can build custom eLearning solutions for your team or leverage/update existing solutions.

Interactive Learning Guides


Training content packaged as an interactive guide for point of need access to training on the go.

Adaptive Learning


Our Adaptive Learning approach allows learners to receive the best training content specifically tailored for them.

Training Refresh


Have old training content that need to be updated with new technology or updated content? We have you covered. 

Additional Services



Through gamification and sales simulation platforms we can keep your learners engaged and at the top of their game.



We provide top notch workshop experiences for learners, we are happy to help make sure their time is used appropriately.

Print Modules


Need hard copies of training material? We have the experience within our team to deliver best in class print training at a fraction of the cost.

Custom eLearning


Engaging Content

Engaging eLearning content is our bread and butter. Our Subject Matter Experts will make sure to provide learners the right information at the right time to make sure they are hitting all their learning objectives, while remaining challenged and engaged.

Top Notch Design

Our Design Team is here to make you look good. We strive for excellence in all our projects, big or small so you can rest assured the finished product will look professional, consistent with brand guidelines and appropriately frame content for learners.  

The Right Technology

With our team of technology experts we will make sure the training is using the best technology for your organization. PharmaDigital has experience developing solutions for a wide range of learning infrastructures and we are always excited to take on a new challenge.

Interactive Learning Guides


Mobile Friendly

Perfect for on the go, our Interactive Learning Guides use adaptive formatting to look great and navigate efficiently no matter what device your learners are using.

Interactive vs Static

Our team will turn your didactic information into interactive activities throughout the Guide to keep learners engaged. 

Convenient Navigation

Learners can access information quickly through our search function and user friendly navigation built with point-of-need access in mind.

Adaptive Learning


The Right Content for the Right Learner

Through the PharmaDigital Adaptive Learning Platform we assure trainers that learners only spend time on training that is relative to them. 

Custom Tailored Course Content

Our adaptive learning courses are tailored to learners in real time through a series of needs assessment activities to save valuable time and keep training relevant. 

Saving Time

Less time spent on training means more time spent in the field, and more time in the field could be the difference between closing that next big account or losing out to competition.

Training Refresh


Content Updates

Need minor content updates to existing training materials in a pinch? We can provide an agile team to meet your objectives in a fraction of the time with the same Pharmadigital commitment to quality we apply to all projects.

Software Platform Unison

Upgrading your learning management environment? We can help determine the best delivery platform to work in unisen with your new architecture to ensure all content is readily available to learners on as many platforms as possible,

Anything in Between

We are always excited to take on new challenges, and we are committed to building the right team to make sure your old training content is always in tip top shape.